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January 2011

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deutscher_engel in neopets_code


Hey, so I have a question about my userlookup. I'm trying to put my navigation on there but it's not working like I'd like it to. It starts halfway down the page and I don't know how to move the links up/down/left/right.


I'd like to be able to move the links up to where the green bar is.

Also, my text box starts pretty far down as well. Any idea what the reason for this might be? Thanks in advance!


It looks like your links should be in their own div tag and position it like you did with your background image.

Try something like this (with pointy brackets instead of square ones):
[div style="position:absolute; top:(insert #)px; left:(insert #)px;"]
[a href="/myaccount.phtml"]account[/a] |
[a href="/petcentral.phtml"]central[/a] |
[a href="/explore.phtml"]explore[/a] |
[a href="/games/arcade.phtml"]games[/a] |
[a href="/neoboards/index.phtml"]boards[/a] |
[a href="/objects.phtml"]shops[/a] |
[a href="/nf.phtml"]news[/a] |
[a href="/video/index.phtml"]video[/a] |
[a href="/mall/index.phtml"]nc mall[/a]

You can use - to indicate negative pixels if it doesn't work right in the positive region. If your links don't show up (ie they display behind your image) you can use z-index in your styles to bring things to the front; lower numbers put elements on top of higher numbered elements.

I'm not sure what text box you're referring to... I don't see one.

And I'm not sure if it's just the way the browser interprets the source code but don't forget to close your div tags (that can make things appear in places that aren't intended too).

P.S. Nice graphics! Did you make your own?

Edited at 2010-09-20 08:39 pm (UTC)
OMG thank you so much!

I took the text box out so I could concentrate on moving the links first. Thanks.

Also, yup. I love making graphics. :)
No problem! You'll probably have to do the same thing with the text box too. Positioning can be done in the in-line style ([div style="..."]) or in the style sheet (between the [style] and [/style] w/ an id).

Good luck with your coding! (: