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January 2011

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Jonah - 15 Months

misskitten713 in neopets_code

Help with Transparent Images on Guild Pages in IE

The other day when TNT changed the filters and after the work around became available I began experiencing difficulties with hiding the neopets header in IE only.  I can see what my problem is but I don't know why it's happening.

It's only happening in IE and only on guild pages.  (I'm using the same code on a user lookup and not getting the same results.)

Here's the deal:
I was hiding the header by giving it a transparent background and setting the height, width, and border to 0.  I could have used display:none; but I wanted to use the clock element as part of my layout.  (The clock is actually identified w/ an id on a cell within the header table, thus it was necessary to keep the header.)  This was working just fine up until the work around.  And it continues to work just fine in FF.

Now no matter what I specify for the width it stays the same and the height will go no smaller than 15 pixels.  And it won't render any transparency whether it be a png, gif, or coding (ie background:transparent;).  See image below.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?  *pokes image*

I tried brute forcing my way around it by putting an image over it but it doesn't work b/c the header is relative and I would have to use absolute positioning for my cover up.

I know I could just sacrifice the clock but I really don't want to if I don't have to.  And my conscience won't let me keep it broken in IE (since some guild member actually do use IE to browse).

SOLVED!  The problem wasn't with the header in particular.  I needed to specify a height and width for the section main.
Code: #main{height:0px; width:0px;}
The other page that I used the same technique for I had already specified a height and width so there was no issue on that page but there was on my guild page.  I have to say that IE has a nice developer tool.  (Not that I prefer IE, it just has redeemed itself to me a little.)